Yung6ix Reveals Upcoming Artiste ‘Friend’ Who Tried To Kill Him

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Remember we did some tatafo some couple of days back that Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix revealed that someone he considered a friend tried to murder him. Although then when we were doing the amebo, Yung6ix had not yet revealed who this supposed friend was.

Drama ensued on instagram yesterday however when an upcoming artiste David Etete know as P.R.E posted a song he did with Yung6ix… P.R.E happens to be the son of former Petroleum minister, Dan Etete but that matter na for Mathias.

Anyways Yung6ix slammed P.R.E saying that he was the one that tried to get him kill and still has the audacity to act like nothing happened.

He said while P.R.E’s father’s money might be able to keep him out of jail, he (Yung6ix) knows that karma will catch up with P.R.E

P.R.E so far hasn’t commented on the allegation being levelled against him by Yung6ix but trust the fans na, them don dey blast him for the alleged attempted murder.